Airwheel M3 skateboard will make you want to drop everything and play it

Abstract: Ways of relaxing are various. Maybe you yearn for a far distance travelling but it will be set aside for the most time due to reasons, as we all know. A stunning tool, Airwheel M3 skateboard, will make you be absorbed in this kind of relaxing way.

You may long for a long journey to get rid of fatigue accumulated from long time hard working and daily chaos. But as a matter of fact, it need much energy, time and costs much for it. An easy way to relax is available on the contrary.

electric air board

With the speed of 20 kilometre per hour and more than 15°of climbing ability, M3 electric air board can let users to pursue the passion via riding. It holds a 2.4G remote control taking in charge of changing speed and steering directions. Riders can easily control to go back or forth. Besides, the control chip can collect data throughout the vehicle and transmit it to the phone wirelessly. Then the visualization data through instant analysis computation can be feed back to the user by app in real-time so that users can know all the information by this app.

electric hoverboard

What's more, the decals attached on the deck can be DIY, or you can choose from the customization or the ready-made ones. With your unique DIY patterns and colour combination, your skateboard will show your personality to the largest extent.


And the most important thing shall be the security issue when you use M3 electric hoverboard to have fun. The design of dual backups double ensures the safety of riders. Even if one of the modules fails to work, the other one can work in normal operation since they are working independently.

One more point, playing M3 also requires riders' body to shift centre of gravity when making turnings even though it is manipulated by a wireless remote control. So it is also can be regarded as a fitness way.