Airwheel Marsrover Overshadows Other Vehicles.

Abstract: With the expansion of urbanization and the extension of commuting distance, there is a dire need of innovative means of transport to deal with such issue. Airwheel mini electric scooter came into being and grew rapidly. It stands out due to its reliable performance, fantastic range, compact size, and light weight etc.

With the advancement of science and technology, a growing number of innovative and original transports have poured into our daily life. Airwheel electric scooter stands out among a great number of vehicles with reliable performance, fantastic range, compact size, and light weight and so on. Airwheel is home to various models with different features and with different models, you will have a different riding experience.

Airwheel C5

Now, Airwheel has extended its products lines, its core products including portable smart transportation vehicles, service robots, intelligent helmets, underwater propeller and surfboard etc. that are exported to over 100 countries and regions. Airwheel is well acknowledged as an exquisite piece of art among the electric scooter market. The harmonious colour match will give riders a sense of passion and youth. For instance, the sturdy and colourful shell on the Airwheel C5 smart helmet make it especially suited to riders who are full of individuality and fond of riding intelligently, as it allows riders to record the journey, to answer phones and listen to music during riding and so on.

Airwheel R5

Speaking of the reliable performance, the cooperation with the world known brands is essential. Airwheel mars rover is equipped with quality lithium-ion battery, sturdy tire, powerful quiet brushless motor, and agile gyro control system, the combine of which makes the first-class product. The fantastic range contributes a lot to its popularity. For instance, the Airwheel S5 and A3 install the batteries with large capacity and E series and R series choose the swappable battery design to realize infinite range in theory.

Airwheel Z8

Also, Airwheel mini electric scooter is either portable or foldable, regardless of further concern, as they can easily carried into bus, subway, classroom and office. Airwheel E3 folding e bike can be folded into a backpack and Z8 small wheel electric scooter (6.5kg), the lightest model in Airwheel can be carried around even by girls.

It is not hard to draw a conclusion that Airwheel electric walkcar overshadows other vehicles.

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