Airwheel Mini Electric Scooter: Answer Questions and Clarify Doubts

Abstract: Airwheel, as the leader in the intelligent and portable vehicle sector, has been enjoyed by a wider consumer base. Based on the recent feedback, the editor has collected the most frequently asked questions and answers them to clarify doubts.

With the increasing demands of novel vehicles, Airwheel has released many series of products, ranging from the electric scooter to electric folding bike and to smart helmet. The followings list the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you.

folding electric bike

Q1: How can I know if I bought an original Airwheel mars rover?
A: Only those listed on are official distributors who can offer certified warranty and after-sales service.


Q2: How do I claim a warranty?
A: Contact your local distributor with the invoice and warranty cards as purchase record, or you may call the customer service number of Airwheel HQ on the warranty card and user manual. Please find the official distributors from . If you did not buy from an authorized distributor, you cannot claim a warranty, as Airwheel only offers warranty to those bought from authorized distributors.

backpack electric bike

Q3: How to store my Airwheel electric mobility scooter when I will leave it unused for a while?
A: Please charge it to the full before storing, and make sure to charge the battery every 2-3 months to extend the battery life expectancy. Develop good habits to charge in time. Before ride, please ensure R5 has enough electricity. It is very important to form the habit of charging in time every day so that the battery can serve you a longer period.

original charger

Q4: Can I charge my Airwheel with a non-original charger bought online?
A: Please always charge your Airwheel with the original charger (), otherwise, it may cause battery damage or failure (not covered by warranty).

tires of Airwheel R series

Q5: How to change the tires of Airwheel R series of electric moped bike?
A: To replace tires, it is the same as ordinary bicycle. Due to the rear wheel hub and circuit, riders need to pay attention to the lines and press the two screws in the rear axle. The torque of the rear wheel is recommended ≥30N.m, the front wheel ≥ 18N.m. If these answers cannot solve your problem, please feel free to contact Airwheel for more info.

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