Airwheel Presents Q5 Twin-wheeled Scooter Leaving Normality behind

Since it’s ordinary to see a two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle ride on the road, but why not ride on single wheel or a twin-wheeled electric scooter to leave normality behind. Starting a new journey with Airwheel Q5 self-balancing electric scooter becomes distinctive.

This great travel tool is a sort of strange thing on the road since it is only depending on a wheel. Q5 is rather fresh and cute as the herald of spring in the dawn to give you a new feeling towards the life. The twin-wheel electric scooter is with advent of improved materials and better design as well as production techniques. It’s powered by the rechargeable batteries which can provide strong driving force to make the scooter running smoothly. Judging from the outer shell, it is concise yet stylish. It runs well not only on the paths, grass but also dirt for it’s based on gyros theory and aviation attitude system. Furthermore, the pedals located the sides of the wheel are made from anti-skidding materials. Thanks to the leaning protection system, riders don’t get hurt when they fail to make a proper pose to maintain the balance on the scooter. All features it owns benefit riders to have a steady and safe ride during the experience.

Q5 airwheel

Apparently riding Q5 on the road is totally different from other vehicles. At the beginning, it may be a little frightening since all eyes of onlookers gather on you. Airwheel Q5 electric scooter makes the journey different since it is different in all aspects. For the top speed it boasts is /h which is also a safe speed for users, it can be a good commuting tool to save some time for you on the road. On the other hand the speed limit inside Q5 is 12 kilometers, so riders have time to appreciate the scenery along the road. Meanwhile, it’s labor-saving since it’s powered by electricity. The rider with a Q5 can live a different life leaving behind the normality.

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