Airwheel Q5 twin-wheel Electric Scooter is the Best Fitness Equipment

Abstract: In the modern times, people’s health awareness is increasing day by day and taking exercise is the best channel to keep health. It is the common trouble when it comes to selecting a suitable fitness equipment.

With the advent of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter, all problems are readily solved. Comparatively speaking, Airwheel Q5 is the best one.

In the modern times, although life quality is increasing with each passing day, life tempo is much faster than before. At the same time, people’s health awareness is stronger and stronger. For many people, taking exercise is the best channel to keep health. However, it becomes the common trouble of people when it comes to how to exercise. Some people are willing to go to gym and pay a big sum of expenses. Many more people prefer to take exercise in the open air, like park or even the yards behind their houses. At this moment, selecting a type of suitable fitness equipment becomes very important.

Q5 self balancing unicycle

Airwheel Q5 has made several technological breakthroughs. First of all, based on upgraded CPU, the response time of Q5 is 0.01s faster than Q3, which gives riders more flexible riding. Meanwhile, it is the very first type of electric scooter that is installed breathing light.

Such a light offers an attractive effect and makes Q5twin-wheel scooter much more fashionable. The silicon protection pad is enlarged and thus will ensure higher riding safety. Besides, the protection pad has two color choices, including grass green and sky blue. The bright color adds more youthfulness to Q5. The pedals of Q5 have been made into round and they are helpful to protect feet from injuring.

electric airwheel q5

Riding Q5 self-balancing scooter has become a widely-accepted exercising fashion, especially for young people. They can ride it in the park or even in their own houses. After all, the small-sized Q5 just needs a small place.