Airwheel Q5 Twin-wheel Scooter as a Cute Penguin in Temperament

Abstract: Airwheel Q5, a mini twin-wheel electric scooter with its cute figure rolls on the winding footpath as it were an adorable penguin to go swaying on land. This scooter will attract some players with its cute appearance and inner wisdom.

Most audience whether children or adults has been deeply attracted by the film -The penguins of Madagascar. In that film, the penguins refigure their images through wisdom, skillful Kungfu, and hilarious actions and words. That’s the main reason why audience likes penguins so much. However, this product Twin-wheeled Scooter introduced today is slightly similar to penguins in the feeling.


The mini electric scooter with a round body rolling on a 14-inch twin-wheel is rather fresh and cute as the envoy of spring early in the morning, going to bring you to experience a ride.

On the color, the electric scooter adopts a perfect color matching, blue with a tone of white, like the subtle flow of cloud that makes the sky seem even more vast, azure and immense. The cushion pad is replaceable since there are other two options for users.

Airwheel Q5

Since it’s powered by rechargeable battery, the driven force is not as powerful as the fuel. Obviously it’s not fast as the penguin that doesn’t know how to speed up with its white bulging belly. When the speed tops to 12 kilometers per hour, the speed limit protection system will be activated. For the beginners, they are not skillful to rein the self-balancing electric scooter. While they ride it, the rolling track is shapeless and twisted. The person stand on the vehicle goes swaying, which is a little like the penguin in terms of the posture.

Facing with such an adorable scooter, do you think of the cute penguin in the film, The Penguins of Madagascar? It must have lots of fun to ride this Q5.

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