Airwheel R5 Electric Assist bike, A Must-See Product Showcased At 2017 CES

Abstract: From Jan 5th to Jan 8th this year, many people will crowd into the marketplace of CES to catch a glimpse at the latest products and technologies that will highlight the thumping party.

Consumer Electronics Show, also called CES, is a thumping gathering for showing up the high-tech products that will be held at the beginning of each year. Airwheel electric mobility scooter also has a place in 2017 CES so here is the chance to see and ride the electric air boards yourselves in Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, and Booth NO. 45730.


Las Vegas, NV

JANUARY 5-8, 2017

It is no exaggeration to say that each product showcased on CES from Airwheel is of top quality, latest technologies and practical utility. The three fire new products released in 2016, the saddle-equipped electric scooter S8, Z5 foldable electric scooter and R5 portable electric bike, won much more applause with their own unique features. Here from the engineer’s point of view, I strongly recommend backers to try to ride Airwheel R5.

Airwheel R5

What makes R5 different from traditional bikes that it becomes easier to ride R5 and it is featured by three ride modes. You can enjoy the riding pleasure whether in power-assisted mode or electricity-assisted mode. In man-powered mode, you can ride R5 electric assist urban bike to build up body.235W powerful hub motor, integrating the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking device to the wheels, offers more powerful and stable force.

citizen e-bike

The adjustable saddle improves the riding comfort and reduces fatigue during long time riding. Thanks to the modular battery design, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike offers convenience by two charging ways. The operation of R5 is also the discharge process of the battery. The battery should be charged immediately after the use of the power-assisted vehicle.

CES 2017

At CES, you can turn on the power switch firstly and immediately you will fall in love with this R5 electric power bicycle through the speed control and direction keys. Come and join us in Las Vegas Convention Center. After all, seeing is believing. Try them by yourselves at the 2017 CES and see how wonderful Airwheel products are.

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