Airwheel R6 Automatic Folding Electric Bike Brings Youth Back To Riders.

Abstract: In May 2017, Airwheel R6 came under the highlight. Forget troubles and pressures from work, and get rid of the traffic jam. Let us radian R6 smart electric bike and go outdoors, as it brings youth back to riders.

Usually, office workers spend almost all day in the office. In the small cubicle, they slog away at their sedentary job with no work-out. Even they do not get about in the office except in the lunch time. The lacking of work-out and the opportunity to get about in the office surely will cause some diseases to them. The vertebra disease and the disc herniation is particular common amongst the young white-collars. The age level of coming down with such disease is seriously going down. Airwheel R6 pedal electric assist bike recently rolled out just serves as a new way to work out.

Airwheel R6

The bike is a traditional vehicle. Airwheel R6 is not far from familiar to them and it will not stop here. It will benefit the young in a far-reaching way. The purpose of working out after work is one of advantages of Airwheel R6. It also helps them out of lateness caused by the traffic jam. Riders are empowered to alter riding styles of man-powered, moped and electricity styles freely.

Airwheel R6

Riding R6 can help sedentary officers exercise. At day, they are lacking of time to work out. When they get off work, they could ride R6 electric folding bike to leave for home. In the meanwhile, they will get the opportunity to work out and build up their body. This is a quite healthy idea and at the same time, it will save much time.

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The rainy season brings people inconvenience to some extent. When you stroll in the park, it happens to rain so you will feel helpless. When you come home after work, it happens to rain and you have to wait at the bus station or walk in the rain. However with R6 fast electric bike, you will come home quickly and safely. Its 14-inch tire with unique tread pattern that helps drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance ensures a comfortable riding experience. Moreover, R6 smart e-bike introduces automatic folding system allowing it to be folded and unfolded by pushing one button to bid farewell inconvenience. More functions are in store for the riders to tap.

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