Airwheel S3, another Intelligent 2-wheeled electric scooter to Redefine our Life

Abstract: Lately Airwheel S3 has been globally released. A two-wheeled electric scooter is going to make us breathtaking with its stunning specialty.

Lately Airwheel S3 has been globally released. Are you curious about it? What kind of hidden charm does it have to seize our hearts? As we know that Airwheel Technology Company has presented us with one-wheeled electric scooters before. After glancing over some customers' feedbacks, we clearly know that some of them complained about that it's not quite easy to learn the one wheel scooter. However, this two wheels scooter apparently overcomes it for it has two firm wheels and the steering wheel make you easily keep balance.

Airwheel S3

Maybe it's not convenient to carry. Absolutely not. Since the support rod is removable, you can take apart it to put in your car. What's more, the hollow parts of bar is build-in LED lights which make you visible in the night. In the middle part of bar, there is a special place to attach a bag for holding the personal stuff. If we think it ruins the beauty of the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, just take off it as a result of the factor, that the bag is attachable.

Airwheel S3

Handlebars' material for right and left hands is silica gel which offers us a good hand-feeling without scratching skin. In addition, this scooter is equipped with a remote control. Controlling distance can reach 20-30m. Among the scope, we can master its power switch and lights. Let's look down to the place for feet. This material is natural rubber made from silica gel, a latest hi-tech PC providing us a comfortable experience.

In short, this S3 two wheels electric scooter is with humanized design. It's sure that it can offer us a more comfortable experience compared with one wheel scooter. Redefining our life is at this moment to realize an intelligent life.

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