Airwheel S6 Seat-mounted Scooter Gives a Hand to the Disabled

Among the society, there are the minority-the disabled people. Sometimes it’s pity for them since they can’t enjoy some advanced products as normal people. They can’t ride bikes, motorcycles, or cars for the some physical defects. In Airwheel’s concept, the technology should serve for all people and bring the convenience to all mankind. Thus Airwheel s6 mini electric scooter debut is not only for normal people, but also for the disabled ones whose hands are not handy.

S6 two- wheel electric scooter does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel since it’s powered by green energy resource, and it can be driven through the center of gravity. It is also called hands-free scooter which is a highlight for those disabled. S6 of course is a self-balancing electric scooter since it has been installed gyroscopes and intelligent chips. In light of the body’s center of the gravity, the scooter can move forward. For disabled people, they can operate it without efforts as the normal people.

s6 mini electric scooter

Apart from that it’s hands-free scooter, it’s also a scooter equipped with a seat held up by an adjustable support rod. Riders can adjust the height of the cushion until it is located in the perfect position to ride. This humanized design conforms to ergonomics, offering riders a more comfortable experience. Besides, this novel design gives riders two riding poses standing or sitting to ride in that the cushion is able to be adjustable. If riders feel tired because of standing a long time to ride the saddle-equipped electric scooter, they can stretch out the cushion in the suitable height; if riders want to stand for a better sight, they can just make the cushion in the lowest position. The adjustable cushion provides riders with two options of riding postures. It’s reported that it’s better for the health by interchangeable riding postures than single riding posture.

S6 hands-free electric scooter with an adjustable seat is a best friend as well as a personal assistance for the disabled people. This vehicle offers them an equal right as the normal people.

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