Airwheel SE3 smart bag luggage continues to focus on changing the way the world travels

Abstract: Airwheel is a leading developer and manufacturer of daily travel solutions. Airwheel offers a wide variety of vehicles that can be custom tailored to each unique rider, including the self-balancing electric scooter, lightweight folding power chair and smart robot suitcase. The new arrival SE3 modobag amazon continues to focus on changing the way the world travels.

Like the real estate mantra “location, location, location”, there is one major factor that determines if you made the right vehicle decision or not: “experience, experience, experience. The depth of Airwheel’s applications experience comes from years of hard work and honesty. Airwheel will supply the highest quality packaging equipment while maintaining customer support, promoting product innovations, and continuously providing fair and competitive pricing. SE3 scooter luggagecontinues to focus on changing the way the world travels.

Airwheel SE3 electric suitcase

With the compact design, SE3electric suitcasehas 29.3L big volume with reasonable layout to make travelersuse every inch space effectively. It is made of branded PC-ABS material, waterproof and wear-resistant, reducing the marks left by bumps and not easily deformed. The aviation-grade aluminumalloy frame features overall reinforcement and widened aluminumalloy to ensure the smart bag luggage withstand greater external pressure. Also, SE3 has TSA custom coded lock for being easy checked by custom and refraining from violent damage

airwheel SE3 Motorized Rideable LuggageWith three wheels-6” front motor wheel, two 8” rear inflated wheels and handlebar, Airwheel SE3 bluesmart suitcaseis not only a luggage, but also a scooter. In addition to travel in daytime, the colorfulwater lights make you safe and stunning at night. Airwheel SE3 ride on suitcaseis lightweight, and can easily convert from motor to pull-behind use, thanks to the hidden stretchable rod, which has been through thousands heavy load stretch tests, long life endurance. The pull-rod is adjustable to make it applicable to different body heights. Its replaceable battery comes with USB charging port for your electronics.

Airwheel se3 carry-on smart luggage

Airwheel believes that customers are like them…confident, goal-oriented people who recognize the link between having the best quality partner and being economically successful. SE3modo bagis sure to change the way the world travels.

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