Airwheel Self-balancing electric hoverboard with Good Heat Dissipation

Abstract: Although the key component in scooters is the battery, the heat dissipation is also crucial to a self-balancing electric scooter. Like Airwheel, it's the right one.

There is a funny saying in a certain forum that if all incidents caused by hoverboards haven't diffused your excitement for a board, then at the very least, you should know to put out a fire—keep a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy. But here I want to say this measure is quite necessary if the rider is playing a shoddy electric skateboard, even without a brand.


It's the center zone to supply the power and deliver the energy to the motor. Then motor can drive the gears to run so that the vehicle is able to roll on the road. After plugged in for recharging, the electricity is stored inside batteries via qualified charger.

Hence premium batteries must have good capability to store and discharge electric energy. Additionally, the main board is designed to protect the batteries. When batteries are discharging the electric energy, or the motor is running in a high speed, it must be equipped with good heat dissipation to avoid flames shot from the unit.


Like Airwheel, batteries inside devices are imported from top tier producers like Korean's Samsung or Japan's Sony. Batteries possess those features such as over-discharge protection, short circuit protection, temperature protection, overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, and battery equalization. Apart from that, electric scooters made by Airwheel are installed safe low-battery behavior and speed limit protection.


When the scooter is running, it must generate heat. Then the material of shell or the unit's outer plays key function to give out the heat. Due to the special composite materials PC & ABS with features such as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance, Airwheel scooters are fine enough to have.

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