Airwheel self-balancing Scooter S5 Is Adaptable To Various Road Conditions

Airwheel has released several series of intelligent electric scooters: X series, Q series, S series, A-series,M-series,Z-series and E-series. Only the Airwheel S5 is praised as the SUV self-balancing scooter because of adopted 16-inch wheel hub and high-end tyre, which is adaptable to various rugged road conditions.

In addition, the design of Airwheel S5 is fairly considerate. The first considerate design is its handlebars. The threaded handlebars offer a comfortable grip and make the rider hold on to it tight, enhancing the safety factor. The amounted wing in the front of bodywork is also praiseworthy. Since it is positioned as a personal ATV, it is naturally to be used off-road.

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Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter is equipped with 16-inch wheel hub, 1500W motor and 680Wh battery, which provide stronger power and longer range. Besides, S5 has more powerful adaptability to various difficult road conditions, which, at the same time, paves the way for mightier cross-country capability.

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Airwheel S5 intelligent power scooter also considers the safety problems for riders. The brightness of S5's brake lights are so high that one can see them easily even in the daytime. What's more, it is completely automatic to control the taillights of S5. As long as one applies an emergency brake, the lights will be turned on by themselves. The automatic brake system protects the safety of both riders and passers-by.

CE certified Airwheel S5 smart scooter hoverboard

More importantly, Airwheel S5 electric standing scooter can be applied to some enterprises. The public security police need constant patrolling; the traffic police need to check road situations regularly; workers need to patrol factories periodically. Actually, lots of enterprises need Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters. In many cases, the distance isn't very long. Thus, it is not necessary to drive cars, not convenient to ride bicycles and so tired to walk.

Airwheel S5 double-wheels electric scooter provides the easiest way of traveling with enterprises and individuals.