Airwheel Self-balancing Scooter S5, Riders’ Exclusive SUV scooter

Abstract: Airwheel New Product – two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter S5, is another masterpiece of Airwheel. It not only inherits the virtues of S-series products, but also makes innovation in some aspects. With the improvements of 680wh battery, foldable shaft, and larger wheel hub of 495mm in diameter, riders can’t resist the charm of Airwheel off-road scooter S5.

Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter S5 was launched on Airwheel New Product Release Conference on 18 June, 2015. On its debut, S5 amazes audience with its cooler appearance and more powerful ability. Airwheel S5 is developed based on its predecessors of S-series, therefore, this is not strange that they are similar to some extent. However, with elaborate improvements, this new product has greater capacity and more stylish appearance. Besides, S5 is muchuser-friendlier and will lead a new trend of SUV scooter.

2 wheel auto balance scooter

The largest battery capacity of Airwheel S3 is 520wh. However, withtheunremittingeffortsof the staff, 680wh battery is mounted on S5, which means the riding distance is longer. Undoubtedly, in regard to the riding distance, S5 ranks the first among S-series. Some riders address that the new electric scooter may occupy large space so it is not convenient to store, while, foldable shaft of S5 rules this concern out. It’s very easy for people to carry around and fold away when they are not using it. With larger wheel hub of 495mm in diameter, the ground touching area becomes larger, then the friction ability is greater, and with the maximum electric power of 1500W, S5 is able to conquer any terrain. Actually, high power and solidsecurity make S5 the excellent outdoor SUV scooter. People can ride it through rough and rugged roads, not only to see unparalleledbeautiful scenery at the end, but also to experience sweets and bitters during the journey.

S5 2 wheel balance scooter

The existence of electric self-balancing scooter is a symbol of modern people’s determined and adventurous spirit. With appealing dreams deeply rooted in their hearts, they don’t want to live a lifeofmediocrity. The path to the dream is full of thorns, but the destiny is always hiding behind them. Airwheel S5 is coming to encourage riders to march forward courageously and help them to realize the dream.

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