Airwheel Self-balancing Unicycle Becomes a Better Choice for Photographers

Abstract: Electric unicycle is not only for some office workers as a commuting tool or the luxurious toy of people catching the fashion, but also an assistant for photographers. Thus self-balancing electric unicycle can contribute to the filmmaking for photographers.

Lately Canadian director Tom Antos has uploaded an interesting video on YouTube that says it's more effective to ride on the electric unicycle to shoot scenes. It's a new usage scenario to all players of scooters. Generally speaking people use it as a travel tool, and it's the first time to see use it to shoot films.

A3 scooter

From the above example, we are informed that Airwheel electric unicycle is capable to allow cameraman to capture the key moment. With body leaning forward, the electric skateboards will speed up. If the body leans backward, the scooter just slows down.

Easy-to-operate model allows photographer to walk faster to catch the good time. Based on the gyroscopes and intelligent chips, it allows the cameraman to maintain the perfect balance. The motorized scooter is powered by battery. When the battery is low, it will give alarms to remind of the rider to stop accelerating.


Besides the scooter can be a good aid for common people keen on taking photos via cameras or phones. On the streets, it's convenient to ride the electric scooter to take photos. The advantage of riding scooter to take pictures is to capture dynamic instant. For common people, we would not buy a scooter just for taking photos.

In fact, it's a century to pursue a new feeling or a new yet interesting experience. Riding a scooter to shoot films is an interesting experience. Meanwhile, this method can improve photographers working efficiency. Maybe the photographer can save a great deal of physical strength with the help of a ridable electric hoverboard. An interesting experience about filmmaking or taking photos has been present on the electric device.

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