Airwheel skateboard fans and supporters’ welfare is ongoing in Indiegogo

Abstract: Do you expect to have close contact with the edging technology in the industry of electric skateboard? It is time to have one Airwheel M3 DIY electric skateboard.

Undoubtedly Airwheel wants to take this opportunity to raise market recognition and receive supporters' good advises. The supporters also can take this chance to purchase one with the low price, only $399 USD in Indiegogo, a big welfare. M3 will be online in Indiegogo for 60 days, do not miss this welfare.

Airwheel m3

Why Airwheel prefers to choose M3 to be online in Indiegogo? And then why so many people love this electric hoverboards? The secrets are hiding in the following places. Basically the greater safeguards of the design of double circuits and double main control chips fully interpret the first secret. The dual backups system of M3 electric air board can cope with the case that one of the module breaks down since the two modules are working independently.

Powered by Sony batteries, M3 electric skateboard can reach up to the maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Then how does the battery work to ensure the safety? M3 has a whole BMS battery management system, including over-discharge protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection for effectively avoiding battery damage.


Benefiting from the cooperation of world-famous brand Cheng Shin Tire, M3 electric skateboard adopts the customized tires so it has better performances of skid proof and strong grip effect. By this way, it never fear to be on the bumpy roads. Plus the front and rear wheels are equipped with PU material damper mass that also makes the glide more smooth and safe. Please visit .

The last secret lies in the wireless remote control for M3. The wireless variable speed remote control has condensed wisdom with small size. Users can easily control the speed and direction through App on the mobile phone. It is concluded that M3 is easier to learn.

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