Airwheel Smart Folding Ebike To Dominate the Transportation Market

Abstract: Undoubtedly, Benedict's lifestyle is rather enviable. There must be a lot of people eager to create their own life by riding instead of being buried in work and other annoying life stuff. However, since bicycle is a bit large and troublesome which also can't resist the rain or sun, they may choose another vehicle as a better choice–Airwheel smart electric folding bikes.

Nowadays, people are so striving to earn a living every day that they don't have their own life. In the USA, there is a young man named Benedict who claims that he doesn't like working and decides to create his own life. Thereby, he spends only half a year working and the remaining time of the year doing what he loves to do with his bicycle.

Airwheel E3

Online searches for e-bikes have spiked. There are increasing number of people who wish to get a desirable eco and delicate devices to save them from the frustrating congested urban traffic. Airwheel battery operated bicycles are the incarnation of such desirable devices.

E6 has an X-shape with the foldable main frame, saddle and pedal. There is a one key to fold function and it takes less than 5 seconds to get the vehicle fully folded. E3 weighs about 12.5 kg and can be folded into a size of 474*399*374mm. The small stature enables it to move freely in the congested urban environment.

Airwheel E6

The invention of Airwheel Smart e Bike is to get people rid of the polluted automobiles and crowded public transportation. Airwheel foldable electric bikes have also adopted some unique designs to enhance the comfortability of riding. They select rubber saddle in left-right design, instead of sponge cushion, which provide balanced force and good ventilation. In the electric folding bike, Airwheel once again adopts its EBS that can be triggered by pressing the button on the handlebar. An easy pressing it will realize the brake.

Airwheel electric folding bikes are to dominate the transportation market.