Airwheel Smart Gadgets—C5 helmet and E-series smart e bike, for instance Can “Talk” on the Smart Phones

Abstract: Airwheel has launched many intelligent vehicles for travelling and daily commuting. Accompanying these intelligent products, there is a customized app which allows interaction between the smart phone and the smart vehicles.

Most internet users say that they are hooked to their smartphone, tablet or laptop, spending one day a week online. People can't imagine living in the world without being connected online. Now, Airwheel has invented an app to enable its smart vehicles to interact with phones.

Place the smart phones on the phone holder and riders can see the running speed and mileage on the phone. Back home after a day's journey, users can see the remaining battery capacity and judge if it needs charging.

intelligent helmet

To enjoy a safe journey, Airwheel electric scooter users can set some data according to their own likings, such as the maximum running speed. For some starters, they are not able to operate the intelligent scooters, like electric bicycles smoothly. They need to set the limit to the speed to avoid accidents. How can people get aware of the “health conditions” of their vehicles? Try the fault self-diagnosis function on the app.

Airwheel APP

Now, the app for Airwheel E-series, including e bike E3 and E6 Folding Smart Bike has enabled the function. Before each ride, users can test the vehicle to avoid breakdown on the road. Airwheel smart helmet C5 when connected to the network by WIFI transmission enables users to share videos and pictures shot on the road with friends. The APP also allows its users to play music and answer phones directly on C5. It is an interesting interaction between the phone and the smart gadget.

Folding Smart Bike

All recently released Airwheel intelligent devices are equipped with an intelligent app. There are many practical functions of the apps. Riders can get detailed information about the smart gadgets and listen to what they actually “say” on the phone. The app also serves as an intelligent protection.