Airwheel Smart Helmet C5 Provides Multi-protection to Cyclists

Abstract: Cyclists on the road often faces threats from automobile riders. Airwheel smart helmet C5, integrated with camera lens can provide multi-protections to riders.

A video posted to Facebook that a truck driver drenched a group of cyclists in Sydney has ignited debate about who has the right to use the road. Conflict between motorists and bike riders is commonplace in large cities. More automobile drivers are gaining road rages. As someone who cycles on road, it is easy to feel like a second class citizen on two wheels. Cyclists need evidence to protect themselves in these cases.

helmet heads up display

Airwheel C5 employs strong materials to protect the head, similar to traditional ones. The venting system has been dramatically optimized and the head girth can be adjusted, thus allowing a more comfortable wearing experience. The most distinctive feature of C5 helmet lies in its intelligence. In the front of the gadget, it is inserted with a high quality lens, which can present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. The max internal storage is 128G and can store more videos. A150°wide view –shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or videos.

helmet heads up display

When cyclists ride on the major road, Airwheel Bluetooth helmet heads up display serves as an efficient data recorder. If anything emergent happens, like accidents, the device can provide evidence to define the responsibility of each side. In addition, the helmet has some other practical functions. The camera can record accidents as well as wonderful moments. They can share the beautiful scenery with friends, by the built-in Wi-Fi modules when connected to the phone. The helmet can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, thus enabling riders to answer phones and listen to music during the journey. The exhausting trip will be much delightful.

In the recorded video, the truck driver is heard cackle and say that though he couldn't run the cyclists over, he can mess with them. Now, with an Airwheel smart helmet, cyclists can protect themselves better.