Airwheel SR5 fully autonomous robot is essential for those who find lugging a bag an ordeal

Abstract: Intelligent tools will enrich people and expand their senses and capability to narrow the gap between dream and reality, Airwheel believes. Travelling can be stressful, especially when it comes to checking your bags and Airwheel SR5 fully autonomous suitcase helps to reduce some of the stress of travel.

Since its foundation, Airwheel practices its corporate culture-free intelligent life fully and rolled out many different kinds of mars rovers to meet more travelers’ demands. In 2018, Airwheel has developed a smart suitcase that will follow you everywhere. SR5 smart robotics suitcase intelligent auto-following suitcase knows your location by using its camera and by pairing with your smart phone via Bluetooth. The 160-degree wide-angle camera and sensor can track the user's position and identify user accurately with real-time recognition and tracking algorithms. It promises obstacle avoidance, has an anti-theft alarm, and SR5 and your mobile will release alarm when it’s separated from the user beyond safe distance.

Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase

It is designed to meet international carry-on requirements, ideal for several days’ trips. SR5 has 30L inner space with the ability to pack your all items easily allowing you to enjoy a pleasant journey. What’s more, >SR5 robotic suitcase follows you installs omni-wheels to ensure a smooth travel and the high-quality materials making it produce no noise pollution. Also, it is wear-resisting making it adaptable to different road conditions. SR5’s ABS and PC shell makes it lighter and sturdier and the water-resistant exterior is designed to withstand extensive travel. The groove design providing mechanical support for SR5 greatly reduces the impact pressure.

Airwheel SR5 robotic suitcase follows you

Frequent travelers will appreciate smart carry-on luggage equipped with chargers. We know how important it is to stay connected when you travel. That’s why we’ve included a TSA-compliant 48.8Wh battery that can charge your devices, whether it is your smart phone, tablet, or ebook! "Luggage" is just the beginning of your Airwheel experience. Through deep integration with your mobile phone and partner services, we aim to improve every aspect of your travel experience, from packing to arrival. In a word, Airwheel SR5 self-moving suitcase covers all your travel needs.

Airwheel SR5 auto-following suitcase

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