Airwheel SR5 is a smart self-driving luggage that follows you around

Abstract: Indeed, travel is full of fun, but travelers have to admit that lugging baggage around is far from fun. If only there was some way to get around without having to constantly worry about carrying, pulling and more importantly, it can follow you autonomously, well now there is Airwheel SR5 smart suitcase.

Airwheel, a leading global intelligent vehicles solution provider has recently released a smart hands-free suitcase SR5. The heavy luggage is no longer a burden for you to go out, no need to drag or lift, Airwheel SR5 smart autonomous suitcase has a built-in camera sensor, and it can follow you around on flat surfaces — like through an airport.

Airwheel SR5 hands-free suitcase

SR5 chooses the world class materials and the hand-picked premium materials both inside and out, are all water resistant as well, making it durable for all conditions. The suitcase also has an USB port for charging mobile devices. SR5 hands-free suitcase uses a 48.8 Wh lithium-ion power bank to fuel its components. The same power bank can be used to charge your devices using the USB ports built into the suitcase. The battery can allow SR5 to go as far as 5km on a single charge, though that may vary depending on whether it's being used to charge other devices. It takes about five hours to get it fully charged.

Airwheel SR5 self-following suitcase

The premise of the SR5 carry-on suitcase is that it connects via Bluetooth through a smartphone app, so you'll always know where your suitcase is. It comes with multiple sensors including a camera, radar and an ultrasonic receiver coupled with simultaneous localization and mapping technology as well as visual recognition and detection algorithms, so that it can see you and follow you when you are walking. There are distance alerts and you will never leave your essentials behind again. If it's separated from the user beyond safe distance, SR5 and your mobile will raise alarm. Moreover, there is also a combination lock built in to ensure that it complies with TSA security standards.

This is what smart travel should be like. Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase was born to assist you along the journey.

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