Airwheel SR5 self-driving travel bag is worth every penny

Abstract: Seeing new places and things introduces you to people, ideas, sights, food, and weather that you otherwise could have remained completely unaware of. However, travel can also be stressful and Airwheel SR5smart robot suitcase to make every travel desirable.

We're all too familiar with that frustrating moment when you have more than one luggage to handle. Airwheel has invented state-of-the-art SR5 smart autonomous suitcase that features automatic tracking, intelligent obstacle avoidance, mobile charging, anti-lost alarm, wireless remote control and more. Designed for keen travelers, the Airwheel SR5 is a suitcase that can intelligently follow its owner with the visual tracking and sensor technology. Besides, users can control it via Bluetooth via three different control modes: one-hand 360° mode, two-hand control mode and gravity sensing mode. To switch between auto-follow and remote control more, users can realize it by position track and anti-lost alarm.

Airwheel SR5 electric suitcase

Additionally, Airwheel SR5 robot suitcase on wheels has equipped with intelligent alarm system and it works when it's separated from the user beyond safe distance. The suitcase and your mobile will trigger alarm. Because the built-in wide-angle camera and sensor can track the user's position and identify user accurately with real-time recognition and tracking algorithms. Plus, users are able to stay charged with easily accessible USB port and a removable 48.8Wh power bank.

Airwheel SR5 self driving travel bag

In terms of use and layout, Airwheel SR5 smart robot suitcase was extremely convenient. The 30L inner space has the ability to pack your all items easily allowing you to enjoy a pleasant journey. Moreover, Airwheel designers picked the polyester fabric as its lining, so that you can put underwear directly with no more worry. The reasonable layout gives you opportunity to arrange the travel items in clean order. SR5 is the perfect carry-on size, fitting into an airplane's overhead compartment without taking up more than your fair share of space.

Airwheel SR5 AI suitcase

Airwheel SR5's frame is made from airplane grade aluminum alloy and the ABS-PC shell is durable, lightweight, and scratch resistant. Whether you're traveling around Europe or planning a simple weekend getaway, it can be an extremely rewarding experience and SR5 intelligent auto-following suitcase can be your trustworthy partner.

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