Airwheel Tells People How to Choose the Most Suitable E-bikes

Abstract: E-bikes do help a lot in daily commuting. Many people buy the products to improve their daily commuting status quo. This article will tell how to pick the most suitable electric assist bike in the dazzling market.

Here are some tips for potential customers to buy the most well-content products.

foldable bikes with lithium battery

The cost of e-bikes varies pretty widely, depending on the brand premium and quality. It is believed that the best doesn't always cost the most. The price of e-bikes vary from hundreds of dollars to thousands. If people are looking for vehicles with best cost performance, Airwheel folding electric assist bike is highly recommended. The brand specializes in producing affordable electric commuting devices. The company has rolled out three folding e-bikes this year.

electric road bike

Some may prefer the feeling of riding and pedaling a bike over riding a moped bike. Then they would choose the electric assist bike. Airwheel R5 is a product which integrates a chain system and a hub motor. It can change its role freely between a bike and an e-bike. If customers want to both ride the vehicle and save labor, there is a third option. In the power-assistance mode, the motor will output energy to assist riders to pedal. Otherwise, if some appeal to the purely e-bikes, they can also try Airwheel smart e bike E3 and E5. The two products have ditched the chain system. They can only be driven by electricity. They are suitable for daily commuting, very labor-saving.

citizen e-bike

Portability and convenience
In case people have an e bike, how to store the vehicle is an inevitable issue to think about. Airwheel has made its e bikes light-weighted and foldable. For example, the folding e bike E3 has demonstrated the foldability to its extreme. When fully folded, the vehicle can fit into a backpack. When customers are tired of ridding or running out of battery, they can take the vehicle onto buses and metros.

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