Airwheel to Participate In 2017 International Consumer Electronics Show

Abstract: The annual CES event may be the prelude to Airwheel's entry into the North American market. Therefore, Airwheel should prepare itself well for CES and pick the best models of electric scooters to attend CES.

Airwheel is scheduled to head for CES ahead of time to decorate the booth finely. Find Airwheel in Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, and Booth NO. 45730.

Such positive interpretation also incurs the imagination and guesswork about the intelligent electric scooters of customers and some scooter-lovers. For the most part, they are better-off and economically developed. They are more willing to pay more money for the high-quality products or those products full of advanced technology. Thereby Airwheel will keep its innovation and creativity. It should use its head to create more excellent electric scooters to meet the different demands of those customers in USA, like the foldable Z series, innovative E series and R series of electric folding bikes.

CES 2017

Like the mobile phone development, the traditional mobile phone has been replaced by the smart phone. The trend of the helmet development is the same. Airwheel C5 is such kind of helmet. The applicable head girth goes around the whole circumference of the head and enables the helmet to rotate slightly in the case of an impact for better shock absorption.

However, C5 smart helmet is more than a helmet. It is a high-definition camera that can shoot clear pictures and videos, which benefits from high-performance lens. On people's way to go to work or go back home, they can take pictures or videos just by a slight click on the helmet. At the same time, the built-in WI-FI modular can be connected the Hotspot of the phone and people can share them via network platform anytime and anywhere.

Airwheel C5

Find Airwheel intelligent power scooter in Sands Fitness Hall, Level 2, and Booth NO. 45730 and experience these wonderful products in person.

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