Airwheel twin-wheel scooter Device Q5 Avoids Traffic Jams

Abstract: Q5 Airwheel electric twin-wheel scooter is an excellent tool for commuting, as well as the exercise equipment. Riding an Airwheel scooter, you can free from traffic jam and get physical exercise in the meantime. In terms of function, it's not bad.

As we know traffic jams occur quite often in the urban transportations. Urban dwellers have suffered a lot due to that. If you are lucky enough, it might take you only around 10 minutes to get through a traffic jam. If you just go against the luck, it may cost you one or two hours stuck in the heavy traffic without moving forward. In this case, a new transport vehicle—an electric device with a twin wheel which helps people to escape from the problem although it is unable to address the problem.


Its design follows strictly the homeostasis theory, and therefore its balance capability is much better than the single wheel scooter.

The device also enjoys high stability owing to its sturdy tire. Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter is powered by original SONY battery which lasts a long using time and can be recharged for many times. The SONY battery lifespan is several times longer than an ordinary one. As we all know, better storage of capacity of the battery stands for a longer range.


Airwheel electric unicycle is a light and portable commuting vehicle. You can use it as a transport tool yet a fitness tool. If a user keeps riding Airwheel Q5 made by high-end technology and fine materials, his cerebellum will be exercised. His balancing ability and neural response will also be improved.

Young people can ride it as a way of getting around while the physical fitness can be enhanced. Hence, many young people especially teenagers are now following this fashionable trend to ride Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter Q5 for joys and handiness.

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