All-Inclusive Resorts: Why or Why Not?

A few years ago, I went on my first all-inclusive vacation. I just wanted to get away and have the luxury of not thinking about anything once I arrived. Mission accomplished! It was nice knowing all my meals, my drinks, and my activities were covered by the package deal.
The Tamassa All-Inclusive Hotel in Mauritius
Some people question whether all-inclusive resorts are a good value or not. If you’re trying to keep costs manageable, they actually can be. According to the Family Vacation Survival Guide, you can save up to 25 percent by choosing resorts for your vacation, compared to paying for lodging, meals and activities as you go.
Consider the following trip expenses that are included when you choose a resort vacation:
Perhaps the best rationale for choosing an all-inclusive vacation comes from a study by US News and World Report. Although you may find this hard to believe, your brain’s pain center is activated each time you have to make a decision about a purchase.
That means that every time you pay for something while you’re on vacation, there’s a physiological response that inhibits relaxation. So, it stands to reason that by pre-paying for an all-inclusive vacation, your mind and emotions respond to the activities and meals as if they were free, making them more enjoyable.
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Photo credit: Tejcoomar Luchmun (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 4.0)