Amazon Kindle Tips to Try On Your Next Family Vacation

Keeping your kids occupied on a family vacation is a job in itself. They want to watch something, play games, or even read. And when they all want to do something different, sharing an iPad or watching a DVD on the in-car player isn’t an option. This is where having an Amazon Kindle or two can come in very handy for a family vacation.
For one thing, the Amazon Kindle can cost anywhere from $40 – $100, depending on the size you get, as well as whether it’s ad-supported. (A 7″ Kindle Fire currently costs $39.95 from Amazon.) Compare that to a new iPad, which can run $1,000 and does the same exact thing. So you can buy a few Kindle Fires for the family and keep everyone happy. Even a 10″ Kindle Fire HD costs $200, which is still a lot less than an iPad.
A Kindle is more than just a reader these days. The Fire is essentially a Google tablet, which means it has some of the same functionality as any other Google or Apple tablet. So here are a few Amazon Kindle tips to try on your next family vacation.
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Photo credit: tablethelpline (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)