An Innovation in Electronics: Airwheel F3 Orbit Electric Unicycle

Abstract: Lately Airwheel F3 annular electric unicycle has been announced by Airwheel Technology. With its strong performance and portability, F3 has been pushed into the crest figure.

Along with the rapid development of science and technology, it has taken place huge changes in electronics. Electric bikes gradually replace manpower bike; electric motorcycle is motorcycle consuming oil. Nowadays electric unicycles have begun to sprout.

Maybe it's a little inexplicable. In other words, F3 annular electric unicycle doesn't get tanglesome, but simplified in its model. Since there is a hollow in the bodywork, it's called “subtraction”. In the top part of F3, it's a concealed handlebar. If the handle is poped out, that can't ruin the overall aesthetic. It looks just like an apple with wings of feet pedals.

Airwheel F3

Furthermore, its performance is not weak. The annular body is covered a transparent shell made of PC&ABS composite material with such features as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. Hence, it can not only protect body, but also make F3 orbit electric unicycle more beautiful and different. Two red cushion pads located in either side is to protect legs, and reduce degree of the pain when riders are operating. By the way, the color of the cushion pads is various, and it's available to replace the pads.

Airwheel F3

That can render rider to enjoy a colorful life. Moreover, col headlight and taillight design is full of character, cool and showy, ensuring a safe night ride. The surface of pedals coating with the matting material has skid resistance; it's safe without hidden trouble and can improve the operation.

F3 electric hoverboard adopts electromagnetic suspension motor, eliminating a lot of driving parts, and makes the motor structure simpler, greatly reducing friction. The built-in intelligent system is invisible yet powerful. It can make response to rider's call at any time, to make the ride more smoothly.

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