Anyone Can Start A New Mobility Style With Airwheel Smart Electric Scooter

Abstract: Airwheel is the ultimate, self-balancing scooter with safer features, stronger hardware, and smarter software. Yes, anyone can start a new travel style with Airwheel— highly interactive robots with cross-device functionality. That is smarter living.

Airwheel affordable and smart electric scooter will be a well-pleasing choice for students, office workers and retirees. The self-balancing scooters employ advanced gyroscope system is to open a new gate to a trendy lifestyle. Riders stand on it and lean forward or backward to advance, slow down and brake. The A6S self-balancingwheelchair is a little different from others, as it not only installs gyroscope system, but also joystick controller. Riders can sit on A6S and change gravity centre to go forward and backward and push the controller leftward or rightward to turn directions.

Airwheel A6S somatosensory smart wheelchair

Similar with A6S, Airwheel H series with H3S and H8 take the controller as its operation mode. In this way, riding it takes no time to learn and anyone can sit on it and go. The H series of power chairs are especially enjoyed by the old people and it is of great convenience to store the daily necessities and market goods into the storage box in H8. The automatic folding system makes H3S even more popular. Also, riding it regularly can help you discard bad habits and you will love to weave through the streets and lanes to enjoy sunshine and breathe fresh air.

Airwheel H3S Manual Wheelchairs

Also, Airwheel considers riders' safety. The lithium battery is protected by multiple-fold protection systems, such as short circuit protection to avoid mainboard and battery damage caused by short circuit, and low power reminder to keep you safe. Airwheel smart electric scooter adopts the green electricity as its power, zero emission. Intelligently display the warning when turning and braking, giving beeps to the attention of passers-by around and designing high-intensity headlamps to ensure the safety of night trips.

Airwheel SR3 hands-free suitcase

Also, Airwheel released travel mates—C series of smart helmets for bicycle riders and motorcycle riders and the SR3 intelligent self-driving suitcase to liberate two hands during travel. Via the visual tracking and sensor technology, SR3 is able to follow user and avoid obstacles automatically.