Avoiding the Death of Your Suitcase

The longevity of any suitcase is determined by three components. If you’re looking to make a long-term investment in a high quality piece that will serve your travel needs for years and decades, pay special attention to three key elements that determine the structural durability of your bag.
Tpro Bold 2 with spinner wheelsAt first glance, it may seem that a wheel is a wheel is a wheel. Not so. If a suitcase doesn’t have high performance, sealed ball-bearing wheels, it may not glide smoothly and your ability to maneuver through the airport efficiently could be affected. If the wheels aren’t protected with a strong plastic housing that’s integrated into the frame system, they’re susceptible to damage. When you lose a wheel on a bag, you’re either going to have to replace your bag or limp along with an inferior alternative until it can be repaired. Good wheels are definitely a case of pay me now or pay me later.
Interior frame
Sturdy doesn’t have to mean heavy, but a bag without a good frame is destined to have a short life and a damaged bag can really impact not only the items stored in the suitcase but the quality of your trip. Be sure to feel around the interior to locate a durable, polypropylene plastic frame. If there’s no interior frame, buyer beware.
Skid guards
The purpose of skid guards is to keep the fabric covering the frame from ripping or tearing. Think of them like plastic armor that will provide abrasion protection on the lower back, upper back, and corners of the body of the bag. Skid guards also come in the form of protective feet that are also placed on the sides of the bag to keep the body of the suitcase from touching the ground when not resting on the wheels.
At Travelpro, we make sure our bags have solid wheel housings, sturdy-but-light interior frames, and skid guards on all crucial corners and areas. This is why we’re able to create such strong, durable, lightweight bags that last our customers for years and years.