Be Cautious about electric hoverboards

Abstract: It's a pity to hear that over 15,000 hoverboards have been seized by relevant departments since the new stuff is just having its own market, and gradually accepted by people. For players of boards or someone who intends to get one, you must be cautious when choosing or using.

Lots of celebrities including Lily Allen and US rapper Wiz Khalifa have been seen using electric hoverboards. Some other celebrities riding boards show up in some TV programs. Then some teenagers are eager to catch this trend. As a result, some horrible things occurred one after one.


The 15-year-old teenager was pronounced dead at the scene in Glacier Way, Alperton, west London, on Thursday night 10 December 2015. There were some explosion events and house fire caused by the unsafe hoverboards.

All news about the dangerous boards is a heavy blow to sellers, and a misgiving for the player of boards. The encounter for the self-balancing electric scooters results in the greedy manufacturers and traders in this industry. Quality system standard is too low to reach the qualified level. For greatly cutting the cost, they choose inferior batteries and chargers which often cause fire hazard and explosions.

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All the working procedures are finished in some small plants by some unprofessional workers. Since the scooter is driven by electric motor and batteries, the requirement for the connections between cables is very high. A small mistake can cause huge damages to users.

Be cautious about the followings for consumers who are thinking of buying an electric scooter or who may already have done. Never leave the device charging unattended, especially overnight. A faulty cut-off switch means it could overheat. Check the plug. Many faulty devices have a “clover-shaped” plug. If buying online, be careful to check the website is genuine and has a contactable phone number and address. Don't be dazzled by prices which seem too low.

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