Chapter 2: 2017 Smart Year, You Are In or Out Towards Personal Mobility

Abstract:In the last passage, we have answered three questions, including the current popularity of electric scooters and available relevant data, the reason and its technical characteristics. Today, we will continue to answer questions.

Q: Compared with the general self-balancing scooters, one wheel or two wheels, what are the differences for the electric scooter in the aspects of production and R & D cost?

A: With three years of development, the self-balancing scooter's first generation of technology platform has come to the technical bottleneck stage. Airwheel relies on independent research and development and launched the second generation of self-balancing technology platform—S6 and S8 saddle-equipped electric self-balancing scooter that rewrite the algorithm and upgrade the pressure sensitive system from two-shaft driving to all-round three-shaft driving, to achieve the purpose of either standing or sitting to ride. Riding becomes easier and safer with sitting posture.

Airwheel R5 smart electric assist bike

The traditional lead-acid electric bicycle market has long been into the price war stage. In addition to a small number of enterprises that keep R & D investment, the vast majority of other companies just copy the leading ones. And for electric scooter products, because of the continuous innovation in the structural design, appearance diversity, fashion and other aspects, this gives the R & D staff more imagination, and of course, also put forward higher requirements. Therefore, the biggest difference of electric scooters in the production and research and development cost is that companies must maintain the vitality and sustainability of innovation.

Airwheel M3 electric drift hoverboard

Q: As the future of the transport mode, electric bicycles, electric skateboards and electric scooters, which one do you think is the most promising?

A: The current urban transport is gradually refined. Each type of product must be subdivided and find their own accurate target customers. And how to tap the needs of users and meet it is the basic function of every type of product. Its future development will be promising if achieving this.

We believe that the basic qualities of a successful product should be as follows:

1.It must meet the user's product needs and psychological needs, and creating a fun riding experience is the foundations.
2.For enterprises, you must always maintain creativity of the product, the market to determine the precise and R & D, and the control of the cost. This examines and weighs a successful business's intelligence and comprehensive ability.
3.Regardless of which of the above products, they are the participants of the future transport, which will have an impact on the intelligent transport industry.

Airwheel Z8 Lightweight Electric Scooter

There are some start-ups, often making mistakes that stay in the products concept and financing, and as for how to change into a product, into a market value, there is no mature approach. Therefore, we must realize fast and efficient innovation, and this is the lifeblood of sustainable development of enterprises.

(The end)

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