Choosing Luggage: A Whole Set or Individual Pieces?

Luggage is a very personal purchase, as personal as buying your own clothes or even a new car. Not only does what you buy need to meet specific travel needs, it’s an expression of personal taste and the statement you want to make to your fellow travelers.Platinum Magna 2 CollectionLet’s consider buying the luggage set versus the individual piece. If you purchase a set, all the pieces in that set are designed to the same specifications. Travelpro has 11 different lines because we’ve studied the many different factors that determine each traveler’s purchase. Each collection is manufactured to meet the specific rigors of that particular travel experience. Material, hardware, and framework are all chosen carefully in order to design the best pieces for each type of traveler.
The business traveler, for example, may need a briefcase and a carry-on Rollaboard in order to avoid time spent waiting at the baggage carousels. The leisure traveler may do most of his traveling by car, or may want varying sizes of luggage for different members of the family. The weekend blitz trip versus the over-the-river-and-through-the-woods extended stay for the holidays is also part of the decision of set versus individual pieces. The adventure traveler may want flexible luggage that doesn’t add weight to an outdoor backpacking trip.
Purchasing several essential pieces at the same time from the same collection will ensure that you have the same look. It will also ensure that you are looking for only one color or style of luggage when multiple pieces are used during a trip. It is also important to realize that pieces in a collection all meet the same specifications and will perform similarly.
If a single piece already sits in your closet and you’re looking to add another, determine first which way you travel the most. Purchase the piece or pieces that will best meet your needs. If what you own is part of a set, consider those pieces first, particularly if you’re pleased with the performance and functionality of your current luggage. If you own a stand alone piece, realize that there probably will be only a few times when you use both of them at the same time. If you are adding a piece to create a set that will be used together, determine whether color matching or construction is important to you. Eclectic is just as chic as a matching set.
When considering adding to your travel collection, whether you choose an individual piece or a set, each piece will serve you best if you’ve really thought through its function. What’s the one piece you want to add to your collection, or what’s your favorite piece? Let us hear from you in the comments below or on our Facebook page.