Colorful Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard Reflects Personality on Indiegogo

Abstract: There always exists a voice appealing to one thing which is moveable as well as colorful. So it is Airwheel M3 engaged in the campaign on the Indiegogo. M3 is a skateboard with colorful decks showing off the rider's personality.

Living in a world filled with wonders, we've see lots of strange things. For instance, self-balancing electric unicycle, a futuristic device that is based on the gyro technology is considered as personal transporter for the next generation owing to its environmental-friendly and practical features. Then another electric device Airwheel M3, an electric skateboard has been concerned by some netizens on Indiegogo

Airwheel M3 price

Apart from that, the board or deck can be DIY. The rider can show his personality through decorating the panels. If some riders are good at painting, then they can paint whatever they like on the board which is standing for their unique personality. If they are not interested in painting, then directly pasting decals can also be a sound choice. Of course, the decals they choose for themselves must be dazzling to show off the personality. In the new century, the personality is quite important for the young.

Airwheel m3 price

Moreover, M3 motorized skateboard is paired with a remote control in charge of the speed and steering directions. Standing on the personalized deck, the rider can realize the movements via operating the remote control. Within 10m, the skateboard can be controlled to speed up or slow down. Acceleration or deceleration can be finished by the remote control, which is grasped in the rider's hands. This board is going to give riders a brand new experience. Through pushing the buttons on the controller, the rider can enjoy the variable speed.

The M3 created by Airwheel is on Indiegogo for the fund-raising campaign. The valuable suggestions you may have are welcomed. In light of this campaign, the backer will get the cost-effective board, M3.

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