Compliment from a Travelpro Customer

We recently received an email from a customer that we were especially proud of, and wanted to share it on our blog. GJ has been a loyal Travelpro user since the 1980s, when we first introduced our Rollaboard suitcase to the world.
Hello, I bought my first and only travelpro wheel-aboard in the late 80’s. A group of us non-rev women would travel monthly to different locations(in and out of the country), so the need for something light and sturdy was needed. It has been through a lot and to many, many places in these last 26 years, but it keeps on rolling and doing its job, even with the repairs of super glue and a piece my husband replaced on the bottom. I just thought you might want to know, and if you want I could send a picture of it. Thank you.
And thank you, GJ. We hope you continue to enjoy your Travelpro bag.
The bag has seen a lot of miles, but we’re proud to see that it’s still rolling along.