Connecting Airwheel Intelligent eBike to Smart Phones

Abstract: These days, kinds of Apps, an acronym for application, have flooded in the smart phone market, in order to make life more convenient and intelligent.

With the popularity of smart phones, kinds of Apps were born and they have flooded in the smart phone market, in order to make life more convenient and intelligent. So does the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. The App, exclusive for Airwheel can be downloaded from its official website: .

Airwheel APP

It can connect smart phone with Airwheel through the built-in Bluetooth interface. After downloading the App, riders need to turn on the Bluetooth and tap the button. Search Airwheel nearby, click the searched Airwheel model to connect (verify password is 11111111).Then you could connect Airwheel intelligent electric scooter or intelligent helmet. Please note that users can refer to official website or give calls for details.

Airwheel APP

Then you can examine the status of your Airwheel smart electric bike at will with the App. The control chip, installed in the internal part of Airwheel electric mobility scooter, will collect data throughout the vehicle, and transmit to the phone wirelessly. The visualization data through instant analysis computation can be feed backed to the user by mobile phone app in real-time. Hence, on the main screen, current speed, mileages are displayed and users can lock device and turn on/off lights easily by tapping the screen.

Electric scooter

Draw out the sidebar, users can check information about battery, speed & mileage, voltage, attitude, help & support. Users can check locations through the GPS function of the App, and track traveling path. Real time GPS enables you to get a good knowledge of your travelling. More importantly, with the release of new models, Airwheel smart helmet App has an upgrade. The upgraded App is able to build a community for riders to share the joy of riding. Plus, it realizes App fault self diagnosis and setting speed, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc. Also, the concise design of interface brings a better customer experience.

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