Details of Airwheel smart foldable electric bike E6 after unwrapping

Abstract: The last passage focuses on the external package of E6. After taking off the package, the E6 is clearly seen, every single detail. Today, we will learn the main components, know how to use them accurately, and understand their function so that we can control it much easier. .

Unwrapping the package, we can take out E6 Folding Smart Bike and other accessories including a phone holder, a charger and a set of instruction. In the foam box, E6 is folded and every foldable parts are covered by packaging film to protect it from scratching. Also, the battery box is pre-installed. Usually, there is no need to lean the E6 foldable electric bike against the wall, as there is a high strength alloy kickstand makes E6 is convenient to park. Its X shaped framed is printed with the logo in orange.

Folding Smart Bike

First, the orange handlebar is striking. Multi-functional handlebar with EBS (P in red), bell, phone holder, headlight, power indicator and accelerator (in the right) is to give riders comfortable and convenient riding experience. For the power indicator, there are three levels: green light—full power; yellow light—half power; Red light—low power. When it is red, riding is not suggested.

smart electric folding bike

In the accessary, there is a phone holder, as follows. Riders need to unpin the white screw hole end cap on the rail, fasten the mobile phone holder with the QR code clockwise, unpost the paster with Airwheel logo in the reverse of metal disc paste it on the phone and absorb the phone on the round base. Please do not put the phone in the bracket in case of falling off when ride in the bumpy roads.

backpack electric bike

Seen from the back, there is a brake light to keep a safe ride. The foldable rubber saddle, in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation, to present a more comfortable riding experience. Behind the saddle, it is the battery with USB port. Damping system (the orange part in front wheel) combines with the pneumatic front tyre enable E6 battery operated bicycle to adapt to various road conditions and ensures a comfortable riding experience.

folding e bike

Based on the above brief introduction, riders have a better understanding of E6 smart electric folding bike. If you have any question, please feel free to contact Airwheel.