Discover Channel Discovered Airwheel Sitting-posture electric scooter at CES 2016

Abstract: This big show has already been over. For Airwheel, it did gain something worth sharing with those who missed out the chance to be present at CES. It's said by the attendees that Airwheel attracted Discover Channel to interview the staff and shoot the video.

As the world knows CES is a grand show. This year Airwheel did follow the trend to attend CES 2016 exposing itself in front of the world. It was the first time for Airwheel with its self-balancing electric scooters to be present the exhibition. In a word, it brought some surprises to Airwheel.

Airwheel A3

If someone breaks it, he or she will receive verbal warning. If he fails to listen to, then the responsible officer will send him a written notice to warm. Thanks to these electric devices, they were fantastic to attract some potential customers. It resulted from the innovate design on the products. It's unreal to say that each scooter rolls well with strong driving power since there didn't have an enough room for visitors to ride it more than 3meters.

M3 could be the most popular one with its unique exterior design among the new arrivals. The biggest pity was that these visitors didn't have the chance to try the fantastic gear.

Though they couldn't experience the motorized scooters, the design totally drew their eyeballs. Moreover, Discover Channel came to Airwheel booths and interviewed the staff as well as shot the video about its funky scooters including A3 two-wheeled scooter with handlebars and seat, S6 self-balancing two-wheel scooter with two riding poses due to the adjustable seat.

Airwheel on CES

Through this show, all sample scooters brought to the CES have been ordered which is an encouragement to motivate Airwheel to make more fine electric devices. On the side of Airwheel, that would be better if Discover Channel will present the video of Airwheel electric scooter on the TV. Whatever the result is, these fancy scooters are accepted by Discover Channel at least.

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