Display Your Unwavering Support for the Environment with the Airwheel Eco-friendly Electric Scooters

Abstract: Learn about environment-friendly technologies and what you can do to help the environment. Environmentally conscious robot—Airwheel mini electric scooter moves you from A to B and anywhere in between.

Along with the development of the social economy, the environmental pollution has become an inevitable problem worldwide. Thinking differently and innovate sustainability is not just a slogan. Airwheel's short distance vehicles play a key role in further developing other green technologies. Airwheel eco electric scooter is zero-emission, as it is motorized by clean energy that has no side effect on the environment.

Airwheel E3 folding ebike

What is more, there are various types of vehicles ranging from the electric skateboard to folding e bikes, power chairs and smart luggage. For instance, Airwheel has rolled out the intelligent e bikes, say the E series and R series. E series is known for portability and innovative design, for instance, the left-right saddle. What's more, the slim X E6 and the innovative OO E3 are conducive to folding. The R series — R3, R5 and R8 electric assist bikes are proud of its multiple ride modes: electricity-assisted mode, power-assistance mode and bodybuilding mode. Please note that the R6 has two ride styles without electric mode. To learn the real-time riding date, riders can check the trip computers mounted on the handlebars of R6 and R8.

Airwheel R5 assist ebike

What delights the rides is the release of H series of lightweight power chair. So far, there are two models in H series—H3SS and H8. H3S introduces newly developed intelligent control system and new automatic folding system. Its designs accord with human body engineering. H8's large storage box and replaceable battery design make it different from other wheelchairs. SR3 intelligent self-following suitcase is another fire new travel mate featuring auto-follow, intelligent obstacle avoidance and mobile app and USB port and more.

Airwheel SR3 smart suitcase

The wide ranges of products in Airwheel allow anyone to find his or her ideal model to protect our shared environment. Reality just telling us, environmental protection has become more and more important in both scientific field and in our daily lives. So it is necessary for us to protect the environment from just now.