Does The Vehicle Is Only For Daily Commuting?

Abstract: With so many innovative vehicle born, do you think the vehicle is only for daily commuting?

How about this? This is a pickup truck that has been converted into a mobile bathtub. In the holiday, you can drive it to travel and enjoy a hot bath as well. Is it awesome? But before practice, it is best to choose a place where has water supply.

Airwheel electric car

What do you think about this one? BMW released a concept motorcycle with futuristic appearance. It uses an exposed frame, makes full use of aerodynamic making riding smooth and without resistance. BMW imagines a future where mobility is connected and adaptable to the environment. As part of BMW’s year-long centennial celebration, the company revealedMotorrad, the motorcycle of the future that relies on self-balancing technology and doesn’t require any protective gear.


This car with unique appearance is a sleeping car that can drive automatically. There is a bed for passengers to rest and after a good sleep, you’ll reach the pre-set destination.


Although the above vehicles appear awesome, so far we cannot experience it. The following ones can be found both in online and in offline stores. For instance, Airwheel E6, a common electric folding bike with uncommon efficiency is foldable and portable. After folding, it can be seamlessly connected to buses, subways, taxis, private cars and other transports to make the travel route planning more reasonable, and reduce the walking distance on the way. So, the travel efficiency has been greatly improved.

Airwheel E6

In addition to meet the everyday travel, people in this era are longing for a vehicle to perk them up. Now the Airwheel S8 saddle equipped electric scooter comes in. its operation is unique, relying entirely on the center of gravity to go forward, backward, turn directions and brake. Moreover, S8 with dual ride modes—sitting mode and standing mode lowers difficulty, which is very suitable for first-timers.

Airwheel S8 electric scooter

When you are riding Airwheel M3 electric skateboard, you are surfing, just changing the ocean to land. This is a smart remote control electric skateboard allowing beginners to get started and learn the tips in ten minutes. Also, the design is rider-centered with shock mitigation systems and modular components design, like the board, battery and motor.

Airwheel M3 electric airboard

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