Don’t Let Negative Thinking Stop You from Traveling

Yes, it’s a lot of work to go on a vacation. You have to plan your itinerary, find the best airfare, decide where to stay, and perhaps who to travel with. But everything in life requires effort, and we don’t want to see you miss out on a great experience because of the following negative myths:
It’s too expensive
In case you were waiting to win the lottery, the reality is everything costs money. There’s no free lunch, but there certainly are a plethora of free and discounted sites and activities to participate in, no matter where you decide to go. (Look at the activities you do at home — museums, sporting events, festivals.)
works like Priceline, but in reverse: hotels bid by offering lower and lower prices to win your business.
And there are ways to take vacations that don’t cost much more than your regular living. For example, if you could drive to a new city 1,000 miles away and stay in an Airbnb apartment, you’re looking at the cost of gas and lodging. You can cook your own food, which you would have to do anyway, and you can just walk around and experience a brand new city for an entire week, and try the inexpensive and discounted activities.
There’s no reasonable place to stay
That just isn’t true. Sure, there are hotels whose nightly bills are one month’s mortgage or rent, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there. There are plenty of inexpensive and safe places to stay when you travel. Accommodations to fit even the tightest budget are available using any Airbnb or . And you’ll even have someone local who can make recommendations and plug you into the local scene.
It’s not safe to travel alone
If you’re concerned about this, then you’re probably ahead of most people who don’t think through their personal safety when considering traveling. Personal safety is all about being smart when you travel. Don’t go to destinations where there’s civil unrest, and avoid sketchy neighborhoods just for a cheap hotel.
If you’re still unsure, invite a friend or a group of friends, or investigate group travel.
Group tours keep you from truly experiencing a destination
Speaking of group travel, don’t believe the myth that group tours aren’t authentic. Not all tour companies are the same, and some of the smaller outfits offer unique opportunities. Besides, you’ll meet people interested in the same area of the world you are, and these can become lifelong friends you travel with on an ongoing basis.
Lastly, despite increased travel warnings and advisories due to world events, the vast majority of the world is not unsafe to explore. Check the State Department website if you’re concerned about international travel, and find out which areas you should avoid and which ones you can visit safely. Don’t let fear keep you from seeing all there is to see and doing all there is to do.
Where are some places you would like to visit? What’s the one trip you’re not sure you should take? Maybe we can give you some ideas. Leave us a comment below, on our Facebook page, or in our Twitter stream.