Easy Steps to Cleaning the Exterior of Your Luggage

Traveling is not all happy trails when accidents happen. Spilling coffee on your suitcase as you hurry toward your gate can create quite a mess. It’s also not pleasant to retrieve your luggage from the carousel and discover some strange stain on its exterior, like grease or who knows what. While you probably won’t have time to attempt to clean the stain before you return home, in case you don’t read any further, know this: DO NOT USE SOAP AND WATER!
Do NOT use soap and water to clean the exterior of your Travelpro bags!
Perhaps that’s surprising. We’ll explain exactly what to do in a minute. While we’ve covered how to clean the interior of your Travelpro luggage in a previous post, we realized we need you to know how to maintain your bag’s exterior as well!
Travelpro products are designed and manufactured to be durable, functional, and easy to maintain. Over the years, manufacturing innovations and overall quality of fabrics and water /stain resistant coatings have led to constant improvement in the wear of our luggage.
Travelpro’s current lines of luggage feature a variety of nylon-based woven fabrics coated with Duraguard. This additional step acts as a repellent for water and stains. Duraguard can’t stop all stains, though, so follow these simple steps to clean the exterior of your bag:
If the wheels of your suitcase are not rolling smoothly, canned air is the best way to dislodge whatever’s stuck in there. Aim the can’s nozzle directly into the wheel mechanism until you get the results you need.
Should the interior of your bag develop an odor, you can place natural charcoal in it to help absorb the unpleasant smell. You’ll want to wrap it loosely in a cloth to avoid getting charcoal dust on your bag thouh.
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