Electric hoverboard Suffering Ups and Downs

Abstract: Maybe the popular hoverboards have already been on the Christmas list, but there are some important matters for each consumer needing to know. Be cautious about choosing a safe hoverbaord.

As the old saying that life is all about ups and downs, self-balancing scooters known by various names including “hoverboards” and “rideables” is also suffering the ups and downs. As an emerging industry, self-balancing scooters were well-received by most young people. Then this line gradually springs up like mushrooms. However, a succession of bad news about the scooter is released in some countries.


And now they are banned from use on public pavements and roads in the UK. In America, relevant departments have taken measures to the unqualified scooters. So Amazon has to inform its sellers that hoverboards listings have been removed unless seller can provide relevant proof demonstrating that hoverboards are compliant with applicable safety standards.


Apparently the victims or sufferers are riders, and government authorities have the responsibility and right to crack down on illegal traders or manufacturers who are the root reason to cause these events. Since it's a new line, there don't have effective laws or regulations to manage it.

Some illegal traders and companies take this advantage to produce a mass of unqualified and unsafe hoverboards in order to make larger profits. In light of cheap labor, dividend policy, and IP infringement, they manage factories in some poor producing countries like Vietnam to meet market demand. Those scooters are even without a brand, and the quality doesn't pass any tests. As a layman, I strongly appeal to Quality control department to take up the mission to standardize the emerging industry.


For those scooter fans still eager to a safe hoverboard, there are only three reliable brands in the market, namely Segway, Solowheel, and Airwheel conforming to safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger). As consumers, we require enterprises specialized in hoverboards to produce qualified scooters.

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