Explore Parts Unknown with a Travel Tool—Airwheel Q1 Twin-wheel Scooter

Abstract: The most beautiful of anything is the unknown part since it is always filled with strong mystique. Riding an Airwheel electric scooter heads to some places you never know or predict. You is goona enjoy a productive travel.

Exploring parts unknown, whether domestically or internationally, is a pastime that hundreds of millions of individuals embark on each year. For families, travel is even more precious because it allows parents to expose their children to something that could be out of their norm. With all benefits of travel come some stressors that can impede on the travel experience for just about anyone, but you don't have to let those ruin your vacation.

Q1 self balance electric unicycle

Coming to a strange place, you will never know this road leads to a certain place. A sort of unknown beauty is waiting for your rolling scooter to explore. Airwheel Q1 is with a small figure, only occupying the area of a small floor tile. It doesn't occupy your car trunk, and it even can be put beside the seat in the car.

This self-balancing electric scooter can go through a narrow pavement with its stable balance. The range capability is almost 23 kilometers after a full charge. It supports you to move forward to some new place, and also gives some unexpected condition. For instance, you may carry it to look for a hotel or a household for charging it. Luckily, it is not very heavy as a bicycle.

Airwheel Q1

A mini scooter is going to let the rider feel such mystique. During this journey, you may gain some surprises. Or you can find a Peach Garden into a fairyland. If you are not satisfied with receiving spirit's enjoyment, it does have utility function. Except that you can ride it to have a short trip in the countryside for exploring unknown landscape endowed by nature, you can ride your electric scooter to go shopping in the supermarket and malls.

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