fantastic self-balancing electric walkcar S6 from Airwheel

Abstract: A fantastic two-wheeled electric scooter with a seat suitable for different heights has been created by Airwheel Technology. That successfully changes the scooter's impression left on people. Self-balancing electric scooter can also enjoy the sitting-pose to liberate rider's legs during riding.

If living in London or other major cities in UK, you may have noticed a surprising number of people zooming by on a self-balancing board. But there is an obvious disadvantage for those epidemic scooters that riders' legs can get fatigue because of long-time standing. Just this moment S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter comes to liberate exhausted legs.

Airwheel S6

Adopting the most advanced technology, S6 is designed with a retractable seat for the support rod beneath the seat is adjustable in light of a height adjustment lock.

S6 can be an easy-to-use scooter in view of its operation model. Although without any operation buttons except for one power button, it moves forward through body movements. Leaning forward is to speed up; leaning backward is to slow down; without leaning, it's to stop. Moreover, the handlebar is canceled to liberate hands. When riding, hands can hold some personal items or answer the phone.

Airwheel S6

In addition, the design of dual cores and double battery protection boards is added into Airwheel S6 sitting-posture scooters. When one battery board can't work, the other one will make the scooter slow down to ensure the safety. S6 has continued to use the original Sony lithium battery enjoying longer lifespan and durability, which is safer and greener than ordinary battery.

Airwheel S6 is a fantastic electric walkcar with those features mentioned above, especially the seat with a height adjustment lock. It showcases the new era's meaning in the two-wheeler world. To liberate rider's hands and legs offers users a wonderful ride. That's to say S6 redefines the meaning of a fantastic scooter.

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