Five Tips For Avoiding Baggage Problems

Arriving at your destination with your bags intact and containing everything you packed is every air traveler’s goal.
The Travel Goods Association recently published an article featuring tips for accomplishing that goal. Among their recommendations were:
The issue of not packing valuables and other irreplaceable items in checked baggage has become trickier since the airlines began assessing fees for checked bags. These fees have prompted more passengers to carry on their luggage, often outstripping overhead bin capacity, especially when the plane is full.
This has resulted in increased requests by worried airline gate personnel for travelers to “gate check” (the checking of a bag at the gate just prior to boarding) their Rollaboard® luggage to proactively address the lack of overhead bin space.
From the airlines’ perspective, lack of overhead bin space causes potential conflict between passengers and slow boarding. Obviously, a passenger who planned to carry on their valuables may by faced with the prospect of their prized possessions being stowed in the baggage compartment.
The best approach for avoiding unplanned gate checks is to either leave your valuables at home, or pack them in a small carry-on that will easily fit under your seat (avoiding the congested overhead bins altogether).The challenges of air travel never cease. Staying informed (and equipped with Travelpro Rollaboards) is the best way to meet those challenges.
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