Foldable Pedals, Swappable Battery and Safety Precautions Make Airwheel Z5

Abstract: Generally speaking, riders want long range to go to the farther place, want the standing platform to be wider and wider to let them cycle more comfortably, and want a display screen to learn real-time data. However, such bulky vehicle is really what they want?

It estimates a 12.5-mph (/h) top speed and maximum range around 9.3 to 12.4 miles (15-20 km) subject to various factors, like road conditions and riders’ weights etc. The operating rod is adjustable to meet differentstaturepeople’s demands.

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Airwheel Z5 weighs 29 lb (13.15 kg) and measures 390*850*195 mm after folding (1100mm*840mm*556mm before folding) that is compact enough to slide into car trunk. It is designed for riders up to 220 lb (100 kg). It certainly seems like a good way of commuting around tight city spaces.

Z5 is equipped with foldable pedals, instead of making the standing platform wider which is more in line with the ergonomics. Now, two colors white and black are available in the market. Now, two colors white and black are available in the market.

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Its battery takes about 120 minutes(162.8Wh)to charge. The built-out modular battery design with USB port empowers Z5 personal electric scooter to meet the charge demands for daily electronics. When charging the battery, first connect the charger and charging port, then connect to the AC power supply. There are matters needing attention in the reverse side of charger.

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Also, shock absorption system has been added into the front wheel to ensure a smooth riding. Out of safety, the bell and intelligent brake taillight will give others warning and its headlight ensures a safe riding at night. The power indicator with three levels reminds riders to charge in time (green light—full power, red light—low power). Riders can set the speed and learn real-time data via the accompanying App.

A charger, an instruction manual and phone holder can be found in the package. There is no need for riders to set up, Z5 is pre-installed. Find more details from .