From Power Chairs and SR5 Smart Luggage to Learn the Airwheel Development Trend

Abstract: After years of development and growth, Airwheel has found its own development road. The newly launched Airwheel electric wheelchair and intelligent self-driving suitcase has given us a clue.

Taking a break that is different from the ordinary and lets you "hang loose" can do wonders for your sense of fun, escape, and fulfilment. Airwheel mini mars rover will make such brake more interesting and unforgettable. After years of development and growth, Airwheel has found its own development road. The newly launched electric wheelchair and intelligent self-driving suitcase have given us a clue.

Airwheel A6S somatosensory smart wheelchair

Following the design of Airwheel A-series, A6S is worth noting. With a dashing and trendy externality, Airwheel A6S self-balancingwheelchair is catching the attention the passers-by. Like the previous self-balancing scooters, it is controlled by the change of gravity centre to go forward and backward. But to turn leftwards or rightwards, riders need to push the joystick controller leftwards or rightwards. And, the LED display shows the riding data for riders' convenience. Connecting the gap between walking and driving cars, the Airwheel A6S is the perfect companion for traveling around your city and small enough to fit in the front seat of your car. Also, with the automatic kickstands, A6S can be parked conveniently and easily.

Airwheel H3S smart folding wheelchair

Airwheel H series of power chairs come as a blessing to those who have suffered much from the daily mobility. With Airwheel H3S smartelectricwheelchair, they will no longer be faced up with the mobility problem. Combined with the automatic folding system, it can be carried around, to bus or metro. The dual mode of ride meets the demands of different customers and the adjusting pedal enables riders of different heights to enjoy a comfortable riding experience. The replaceable battery design in H8 provides much convenience for riders. The headlight, horn and mobile app etc. such considerate design won over a raft of loyal players of Airwheel.

Airwheel SR5 hands-free suitcase

Not only has an innovative adaption to smart technology, Airwheel SR5 intelligent self-following suitcase represented a creative way of travelling. It is able to follow you and avoid obstacle automatically because of the core technology-visual tracking and sensor technology. More details are at .

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