Getting Ready for the Travel Boom

For over a year, people have grown accustomed to quarantine life during the pandemic. Lives were changed drastically as normal in-person tasks became digitized, and we stayed home with no possibility to travel.
With President Biden’s initiative to get everyone back outside by July 4th, and vaccines being readily available, the opportunity for people to interact with loved ones again has returned. In order for that to happen, people will need to book flights, hotels, and rental cars once again.
And travel providers are ready for the upcoming travel boom.
The governmental effort to get everyone healthy, coupled with Americans getting their shots, are putting people at ease about traveling again. And as travel restrictions are less severe, this makes people want to go outside even more, to take a trip, which will likely cause an upswing in summer travel.
Confirming the prediction, NBC News recently published that ‘vaxications’, and catch-up trips are on the radar for the next three months.
Similarly, travel industry giant Airbnb has found that people are looking for ways to safely travel. When it comes to locations, warm-weather locales, small beach towns, and access to state and national parks are fueling spring and summer wanderlust.
Airbnb isn’t the only travel provider gearing up for a surge in travel interests this summer.
Last month, United Airlines announced they added 26 new direct routes just in time for travel’s busiest season. United will use these routes to produce non-stop flights 2 – 4 times per week, based on the current flight schedule.
Moreover, the airline will resume 20 routes that were put on hold during the pandemic, including several transcontinental flights. People who want to travel from Chicago to Amsterdam or New York to Rome will be able to do so again.
According to the New York Times, the European Commission has announced in April that Europe will allow vaccinated U.S. travelers to cross their borders. This is largely because the U.S. is using European measures that are familiar to the Commission.
Traveling by plane is not the only mode of transportation that travelers are looking to embark on this summer: There is an expected surge in road travel as well.
Destination Analysts has been tracking data when it comes to travel. As of the week of May 17, 34.7% of people surveyed say they’re avoiding travel until “the situation is more resolved.” That’s down more than 20 percentage points in three months.
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Photo credit: Pexels (Pixabay, Creative Commons 0)