Hardware and Software Improvements of Airwheel 2-wheeled Intelligent Scooter Z3

Though there are quite a lot of two-wheeled electric hoverboard, Airwheel Z3 stands out for both the enhanced hardware and software designs. In terms of the hardware, the whole body of Z3 is made of magnesium alloy and aluminium alloy. Magnesium alloy has low density and thus it is lighter than other materials. In contrast, aluminium alloy has high intensity and it is the most suitable material to compose the body bracket. The perfect combination of the two materials enables the electric motor to be light, elegant and tough.

Apart from the materials selection for the scooter body, the structure design of self-balancing electric scooter Z3 has also demonstrated high artistic craftsmanship and people-oriented ideas. Z3 users no longer need to cross their feet standing on the vehicle, compared to the posture of riding a traditional electric scooter. Z3 is equipped with two foldable standing pedals, to hold two feet separately. The unique standing posture accords with the normative requirement of the ergonomics and it could alleviate the pressures of the two feet. There is also a humanized design that is the adjustable operating arm. People with different heights can adjust the operating arm to achieve the most comfortable riding posture. The battery design is also improved to get along with different weather conditions.

z3 electric air board

Nowadays, science and technology enjoy increasing development. There are all kinds of apps to facilitate daily life, like app for reading, for listening to songs and for paying bills. The 2-wheeled electric scooter Z3 cannot afford to miss this trend. It will not lag behind in the aspect of software. One function of the app applied to Z3 is to help users locate their vehicles and unlock it over the phone. Even when the vehicle is not within user’s sight, they can track it over the phone.

With the upgrade of both hardware and software, the performance of Airwheel electric drift hoverboard Z3 has been dramatically elevated. Nothing could stop the enterprising spirit of Z3.